The TechGirls are so great. They came to Tumblr HQ yesterday and our engineers answered their questions about Tumblr, about tech, about being a woman in tech, about the future of tech, oh, all kinds of stuff. “Totally the happiest panel ever,” according to alittlespace.

Pictured, left to right: moderator everydaycaitlin; engineers reneeejp, sarahhnyc, hoenr, kiestra, and forklady42.



"The field is nearly two-thirds female. Is it because of a lack of better options—or is it, in fact, the best possible option?"

A worthwhile read that gets a lot right, though I cringed my way through the assumptions about PR that are endlessly repeated- even as the piece purports to debunk some of them: The idea that PR is easy, glamorous, a replacement for people who really wanted to go into journalism but took the easier or more financially secure route, or apparently the only industry that presents a decent option for women.

The writer’s own description of her (brief) experience in PR is in itself a perfectly-bundled, little stereotype: “I liked being a 21-year-old who wrote speeches for major CEOs. (They were heavily edited, but still.) I liked the challenge of trying to make a company that makes the vacuums that suck the ooze out of diabetic wounds seem sexy. I admired how put-together my female co-workers were, with their pencil skirts and clean hair*. There were always 100-calorie packs of Oreos in the kitchen.”

The more important question that I ask myself often: why is PR the least-understood - and therefore respected- industry out there?

*have you seen my hair most days??


Anonymous asked:

Eli, why are you so gosh darn adorable? Also do you ever use your Pulitzer Prize as a drink coaster?

washingtonpost answered:

Thank you to the friend or relative that submitted this question. I am very glad to have this curated — Internet Journalism as its best, as we discussed earlier! The Pulitzer medal, sadly, is a little small for a coaster — either that or I’m drinking out of glasses that are too big. The Pulitzer certificate on the other hand…

Happy 4th to my staff family! 🎸🎉🇺🇸